Beside You is here to help you discover how you can make breastfeeding work for you and your baby. We want you to have the best breastfeeding experience you can.

What we do

Beside You are here to

Be available to families

Our social media channels support and engage local families in the issues that matter to them. Families can message us through our Facebook page for support and information on where to go for advice

Be responsive and reactive

With video playlists from local specialist midwives and lactation consultants who offer professional advice and guidance

Give people a voice

We ask for your views through surveys and on social media. We work closely with health professionals and voluntary groups, so they can share their experiences with local families to celebrate and support each other

Normalise breastfeeding

Local businesses and organisations can show their support with a Beside You window sticker

Breastfeeding peer supporter guiding a mother to breastfeed

Empowering since 2016

Beside You was launched by Medway Council in 2016 to support and empower women to breastfeed for as long as they want to.