Beside You wants you to feel comfortable to breastfeed wherever and whenever you would like.

Baby breastfeeding
Close up of mum breastfeeding and getting support

Hello Baby

Medway families can book a ‘Hello Baby‘ appointment and speak to a peer supporter about getting feeding off to the best start before your baby arrives.

If you need support when your baby arrives, you can also call the health visitor duty line or speak to a peer supporter. To book your appointment:

  • ring 07791 043 190
  • email
  • call your health visitor on 0300 123 3444.
Beside You venue window sticker

Breastfeeding friendly Medway

We’re working with local businesses to support you breastfeeding your baby when out and about. Look out for our window stickers in cafe’s, restaurants and local businesses. Our support map shows you all the places who are Beside You. Can you recommend a venue you’ve found particularly friendly to babies, maybe with room for highchairs, prams or with a great little people menu?

If you’re a local business visit our support others page to find out how you can help support families in Medway.

Baby breastfeeding

I’m so grateful to my husband for his support and to the peer supporters who helped me. If it weren’t for them and Beside You, I would never have breastfed all 3 of my babies. And out in public too!

Don’t give up. If like me you don’t have people around you, educate yourself and seek support. It made all the difference for me.

Lena and baby Aria