Navigating your way around your new family life once your baby arrives can take some time to adjust to.

Beside You is here to help you to ease into breastfeeding your new baby while navigating your new lifestyle and commitments.

Here are some tips to help you manage your family life with a baby:

  • prioritise – decide what’s important for you each day. Sometimes, the laundry and housework can wait
  • plan ahead – making a list and planning ahead for all the things you need for the day can help even the smallest task feel more manageable
  • batch cook – batch cooking can help save time on those days where you just don’t have the time to cook
  • learn to say no – you don’t always have to say yes to everything
  • wear a sling – if you need to go out and about or get stuff done, try wearing a sling and still keep your baby close to you
  • accept help from friends and family – having an extra pair of hands, even for 10 minutes can help you save time. Having someone to look after your baby while you have a shower can help you to feel more refreshed and like ‘you’
  • rest – prioritising rest and sleep, will help you think more clearly and be fresher for each day
  • take it a day at a time
For support with breastfeeding

don't be afraid to reach out for your nearest support

If you have older children, here are some things you can do to involve them with their younger sibling:

  • if they are old enough, talk to your older child about their little siblings
  • encourage them to interact with you bump and talk to your baby to help grow their brain and bond
  • involve your older child with choices you make around your new baby, such as choosing toys and nursery colours
  • if you are expecting lots of visitors once your baby arrives, keep them involved and try to ensure they are not left out when people bring gifts for your new baby
  • make a fuss of your older child when your new baby is home and involve them as big brother or sister

I fed my eldest until she was nearly 4 years old. I fell pregnant when she was 3 and I fed her all through my pregnancy.

I knew I would breastfeed my second baby. We have bad days, but the good days far outweigh the bad.

Breastfeeding just works for us and our family.