Becoming pregnant is an exciting but often anxious time for many new parents. There’s lots to think about and choices to make. The more you can find out about the changes that are happening to your body and what to expect at your baby’s birth and beyond, the more confident you will feel and know where to find help.

Your body is all you need

You might be wondering what you will need to breastfeed your baby. The answer really is, not very much! Your body is amazing and during pregnancy your breasts are preparing themselves to feed your baby from the moment they are born.

Perfect Nutrition

Your breastmilk is tailor made for your baby and comes through at the right temperature and on tap when baby needs it – no preparation needed!

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Here are some key things to think about before birth

There is a lot to think about when packing your hospital bag – things for you, baby and your partner!

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Skin to skin to so important for mum and baby but also can be a great way to body for partners too.

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It can be daunting once baby is here and many mothers can worry about feeding there baby. There is plenty of support available in hospital to help you get off to the best start with feeding your baby. From Midwifes, maternity support workers and peer supporters. There is never any silly questions nor should you be worried about asking for help – they are all Beside You. If you would like to know what support is on offer once you leave hospital visit our support page

Once baby is here it can be a whole new routine you need to get int as a family. One things that’s really important amongst losing sleep is what you will eat,

It is important to eat well in pregnancy and also after baby is born. Your body needs lots of nutrients to both grow your baby and help you recover after birth.

Planning and thinking about meals to have after baby is here can really help you and your family get in to a routine without worrying about what to eat. Some families chose to cook a few meals in advance and keep in the freezer so they are ready to go. If you have friends or family to visit, often people ask what they can bring. Don’t be shy – ask for help and that could even mean saying ‘bringing some lunch would be great please!’ It’s ok to ask for help and to accept it if you want it.

First Steps Nutrition has useful information not only about eating well but also about starting solids when your baby is around 6 months old.


Find out more about the support around you once baby is here

There lots of things to think about when you're pregnant. Finding out about all the health professionals that are there to support you during pregnancy and after birth can make you and your partner feel much more confident - and know where to go if and when you need help or support.