Attending antenatal sessions are useful to help you to prepare for your baby’s birth.

They are designed to give you more information about birth, feeding and taking care of your newborn, which can help you to feel more confident about what to expect.

Antenatal Options

The are different types of antenatal sessions that run, and often there are free ones run by your NHS trust that you can attend.

They are designed to be fun and informative, and you can bring your partner or family member along so you can learn together.

Sessions will usually cover

  • looking after and feeding your baby (this may include nappy changing, bathing etc)
  • staying healthy during pregnancy
  • what to expect in labour, including pain relief and the birth choices available to you

Sessions like these are a really good way to make friends with other parents who are expecting a baby at the same time as you, and often going through the same feelings and thoughts as you are. You’ll be able to discuss your plans and any worries with professionals and other parents. Having a support network of friends help you through the first few months with your baby.

For more information on a healthy pregnancy visit Medway’s healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding hub.

Hello Baby

Antenatal session: Hello Baby

Medway Community Healthcare run infant feeding information sessions lasting one hour across the week.

The Hello Baby session is a great way to find out more about feeding options for you and your baby.

Plus learn all about how you can support your baby’s brain development during your pregnancy.

If you are over 28 weeks pregnant, you can select from one of four sessions that run across Medway during the week.

Find out more about booking your free Hello Baby session


Welcome to parenthood

Antenatal Course: Welcome to parenthood

Medway NHS Trust’s brand new Antenatal Course ‘Welcome to parenthood‘ includes 4 sessions taught by a Multidisciplinary Team, including Health Visitors, Midwives, and Maternity Support Workers.

The 4 sessions include:
  • Bumps to Bright Babies – discussing your baby’s development, Infant Feeding and bonding
  • Active Birth – discussing the stages of labour, pain relief options and different types of birth
  • Wellbeing – discussing emotional changes in pregnancy and postpartum and ways to manage
  • Early Days – covering everything you need to know about your newborn baby, bringing them home and beyond.

These sessions are not necessarily delivered in the above order. There is more information about course content available on the class Padlet, which is sent to you the week before the course starts.

Booking is essential and it’s a great way to meet health professionals that will be supporting you through your journey to being a parent.

Join us on the Journey to Parenthood!

Book your antenatal course now to learn, connect, and prepare

Pre and postnatal yoga workout

Gentle exercise can help keep you fit and healthy during pregnancy.  This 45-minute video created by Instructor Live is designed for beginners to help you tone, stretch and relax.

Bump Club Medway

If you live in Medway, you can access Bump Club, a free 12 week course that helps pregnant people to work towards a healthy weight. It’s great fun as you’ll get to meet other mums-to-be and learn how to make healthy choices as part of a friendly and sociable group.  Women will talk about keeping active, cooking and meal preparation, relaxation and managing stress and much more. If you want to come along, please find out more below.

Solihull online antenatal course

This online antenatal course is available to all parents-to-be and their families in Kent and Medway. ‘Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby’ gives you practical information about pregnancy and birth. Visit this website to register and put in the access code ‘Invicta’

What it helps with

Developed by Registered Midwives, working with health professionals in the Solihull Approach team, the online course will help you build a loving and close relationship with your baby before they arrive.

What it involves

There are nine modules with interactive activities, quizzes, and video clips, which you can complete at your own pace. Your partner, relative or friend can take the course too.

Want to book?

Check out Solihull online antenatal course