Becoming a parent is an exciting but sometimes daunting time. You might have lots of questions on how you can support your partner to feed you baby. That is what Beside You is all about.


Breastfeeding family

Being there for your partner

Being beside your partner, helping to take on some of the load of life’s many tasks, as well as telling them how well they are doing can make a huge difference to how they are feeling and the experience they have during their breastfeeding journey.

What can you do for your partner?


Encourage your partner, this will boost her confidence and keep her motivated. Like any new skill, it can take time to master so reassurance and praise really helps.

Bond with baby in lots of ways

Be involved with your baby in other ways so that the caring is shared. Find ways to be close to you baby and bond, such as bath time, play, changing and bedtime routines such as reading a book or even singing and dancing with you baby. <>

Help with meals or chores

Help to reduce the household chores so your partner can feed baby for as long and as often as they need. This could be sorting out a meal, tidying up or doing a food shop. 

Grab a drink

Encourage your partner to eat and drink regularly. Staying hydrated and eating well are really important while breastfeeding. Bring her a drink and a snack whilst feeding to help keep her energy levels up and to stay hydrated.

Night times can be hard - keep baby safe

It is both normal and essential for your baby to feed during the night and your baby is likely to wake frequently throughout the night for many months. There's no getting away from it, being a new parent is exhausting and as comforting as it may feel, never fall asleep with your baby on a sofa or armchair. It can increase the risk of infant death by 50 times. Always lift the baby into a safe place while you sleep.  Find out more on our sleep page.

Small gestures

If mum has had a challenging night, making a nice warm drink or a snack on a morning can be a small but supportive gesture to show you care if she is tired.

“It was hard for my partner at first as there was always this vision of having to feed baby with a bottle to help bring them close together. Over time he realised there was so much more he could do to bond with our baby. It made such a difference that he knew how he could help me – making me a cuppa on a morning or a drink and snack whilst I fed. Even if he couldn’t actually feed our little boy he knew supporting me to feed him was the best thing he could do for our family”