When your baby is ready to wean, they usually stop wanting to feed over a period of time.

If your baby stops nursing suddenly, it’s more likely to be nursing strike than weaning.

A strike can happen for lots of different reasons such as illness, teething, a cold or change in your milk flow.

Emotional reasons and changes in circumstances, such as starting childcare, can also effect a baby’s feeding routine.

If  you experience a nursing strike, you could try:
  • lots of cuddles and skin-to-skin
  • offering your breast more regularly
  • take a bath together
  • to feed when they are sleepy or during sleep.

Limit distractions or allow baby to be in a position where they can still see what is going on while nursing so they don’t worry they are missing out.

If you are concerned about your baby’s nursing strike, it’s best to speak to your doctor or health visitor.