Over a third of mums are shy or anxious about breastfeeding in public and one in five women feel that people do not want them to do it.

When it comes to supporting breastfeeding women, even the smallest gesture can make a huge difference.

Support for women and babies

Breastfeeding can be a time of lots of emotions and giving a mum an extra bit of support or cheerleading them can really have a positive impact not only on mum, but then on baby as well. Find out how you can support women and babies below whether you’re a dad, a partner, a grandparent, a venue, a friend, or a professional here.

Explore the World of Breastfeeding in Medway

Experience Breastfeeding in Medway through Two Insightful Videos: Embrace Normalcy and Hear Charlotte’s Story.

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Find out more about breastfeeding and how it can help mum and baby