Breastfeeding is such an amazing journey. I lovee the bond that you are able to have with your child. although for me it came with a few struggles.

Due to a complicated birth with my daughter I really struggled with breastfeeding at the beginning but I was determined to continue.

After having an infection, two blood transfusions and two iron transfusions after birth I was ready to give up on day two. However with the support of my family and friends I carried on. My midwife said to me if you can make it to week six you can carry on.

It felt so demanding and tough at times, but the relationship you develop with your child is amazing, knowing that it is your milk that’s growing your baby.

Breastfeeding out in public can be overwhelming and daunting for some, but I always fed my daughter wherever and whenever she needed it. It’s perfectly natural.

I have loved my breastfeeding journeys with both of my children.

– Nicola


Beside You

21st September 2023