Breastfeeding for me was something I wanted to try but didn’t really have much experience or knowledge of.

My cousin had a baby four months before my little one came along, and she managed to breastfeed her, but no one else in my family had done before.

With the support of my cousin and family, attending breastfeeding support groups whilst pregnant, I’ve been able to feed my baby for 9 months and counting.

I initially saw breastfeeding as a way to feed my child and nothing else, but as time has gone on and with my dad passing away four months after my little one was born, I’ve found it more of a bonding experience.

As we started baby led weaning I find myself feeling emotional that one day our journey will come to an end, but I’m so proud of us both being able to continue throughout all of the challenges we’ve experienced these past nine months.

I’ve thought about giving up so many times but with the support from friends and family I’ve managed to continue, with no regrets.

– Jade

Beside You

21st September 2023