I have breastfed all four of my children for over a year each.

I also trained to be a breastfeeding peer supporter after my first daughter.  Despite this training, I still needed support and help from my midwives and peer supporter friends.

Please do not be afraid to ask for help!

I think for me the first week is always the hardest; when you are trying to establish a latch and supply and it can be so sore, and you are recovering from birth and totally sleep deprived.

But it is so worth persevering. My youngest daughter had a very shallow latch and a tongue-tie which we had cut and were able to continue to feed. I’ve had lots of challenges such as when my daughter had severe tonsillitis and wouldn’t feed – she didn’t take the breast for six days. This was very stressful. I was having to express and syringe feed.  I was so worried it was the end of our breastfeeding journey but thankfully, as soon as she felt better she latched straight back on and we are still enjoying our breastfeeding journey together at 13 months!

Beside You

10th April 2024