I always hoped I’d be able to breastfeed if I had children, and my midwife and antenatal course helped to prepare me.

We had a great start, but like many mothers it wasn’t all plain sailing, and I was lucky to have support when I needed it, which helped us to continue. I’m now nursing my toddler which I never expected, but the benefits are huge so long as we are both happy to continue. We have no intentions of stopping.

My mother has always been open minded and supportive and would have been by my side whatever my feeding choices. It is so lovely to have a mum there for me who had breastfed both her babies, and her support at this vulnerable time was invaluable.

I’m now feeding a 2.5 year old, which is not something I had planned or expected, and is probably (at least in the last few decades) a family record! Even though my choices are not all the same as hers, my mum is always there whatever I need, be it a friendly chat or a glass of water.

Motherhood and breastfeeding have both been more challenging than I expected, so now my daughter is a bit more independent I’ve been keen to pass on the support, and becoming a Peer Supporter was the obvious choice. I love meeting such a variety of strong and capable women and chatting to them with the aim of helping them reach their personal goals.



Beside You

18th January 2024